Captain Planet, Yaa Pono, D.Crime, Opanka, Praye, and many other artists have officially been confirmed to be present at Choirmaster’s birthday jam

The breakup of the award winning group Praye set a lot of things in motion. From solo appearances, music, videos and gigs, the each member of the group is proving to some extent their years of partnership taught them enough to run a solo career.

In an exclusive interview with Event Guide Africa, Choirmaster who is having a special birthday party for his fans (Choiristers) on 26th July revealed His fellow artists who are confirmed to be present at this special ocassion to give all their support.

So far captain planet, yaa pono, dcrime, opanka, shegee styla, praye, salma mumin dunno, daddy black from Cameroon, ms united continent contestants and Beverly afaglo have officially been confirmed to be present at choirmaster’s birthday bash.

The venue is FLIPPER (Oxford – Osu) when he celebrates his birthday on July 26, 2019 @ 7pm with the DJ Ganj as the guest DJ.

The event dubbed, Choirmaster Birthday Jam according to the organizers, BlueRoze Entertainment, is to give Choirmaster the opportunity to express his appreciation to his fans for their “inspiration in the difficult times”.

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