Ghana’s favorite events hub Eventguide Africa has thrown its massive support to the upcoming All Liberian Music Festival 2020.

Uprok Events, the organizer of the All Liberia Music festival, announced the return of the ALM festival on March 14, 2020.

The festival is expected to take place at the famous Antoinette Tubman Stadium with an exciting and impressive star-studded lineup meant to showcase and promote the Liberian arts and culture. Last year, the All Liberia Music Festival bridged a strong sense of cordiality and peace between artists and fans. It featured a wide range of artists, both prominent and rising, from many genres of music, as this year’s promises a better experience — therefore we are excited to announce that in the coming weeks’ tickets will be available at various sales locations for as low as 150LRD.

“We are working hard, but more strategically to ensure the Festival creates an enormous momentum then what we witnessed last year. The theme of this year’s fest is Promoting Safe Sex to reduce teenage pregnancy. The 18-hour dynamic event will offer performances that will, both solo and features, produce a more exciting engagement with our audiences” said T Mark Korpu, CEO Uprok Events

The festival was established to show neatly and tightly the loose cultural relationships in Liberia by using music as a potent tool for intercultural understanding, as well as a medium for the appreciation of the country’s arts and culture.

“Uprok and the All Liberia Music Festival are open to working with institutions across all sectors. We are well-positioned to offer brand exposure for local and international institutions as well as to highlight their efforts to improve conditions in local communities,” said Sheikh Mohammed, Manager Uprok Events

The All Liberia Music Festival is Liberia’s largest music event, most famous and a place to enjoy high-energy and jaw-dropping performances from the top artists. The Festival was launched and first organized on March 14, 2019, to promote the cross-sectionality of Liberia’s fine arts, culture, and entertainment. Furthermore, the event seeks to use music as a tool to both promote and create a more in-depth understanding of the nation’s cultural heritage and activities among the artists and the fans who interacted livelily and peacefully.

We would like to extend sincere thanks and appreciation to all the artists and supporters. We look forward to a fest of One Stage, at One Venue, with One Mic, and a representation of the 15 Counties, all in One Night!

source : plusliberia.com

published by Roland Amartey

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